Another step forward !

March 29th, 2013


It’s been a while since I last wrote here… The reason is that even though a lot of things happened, they weren’t really related to dreams, but rather to not-that-normal events, particularly with that friend of mine who was born with the talent to see strange creatures in our life. However, I cannot post chat logs, since we didn’t chat in english, and I don’t want to translate these talks. Besides, these weren’t really making things progress for my dream project;

However, last night was different.

Recently, I started to write down a process to achieve successfully lucid dreams, based on some data I’ve collected about my previous successful ones. Last night, I tried to follow these instructions to get a lucid dream, again. Nonetheless, I couldn’t, and I ended up waking up at 5 am after only 3 hours of sleep, so according to this lucid dreaming wouldn’t be reached this time. Still, I decided to give it a try. I was pretty much awake, so I could reach an alternate state of mind through meditation in less than 15 min. Then I went to bed.

What happened when I tried to sleep was… unexpected. As I was still awake and couldn’t fall asleep, I managed to enter several periods of short-but-intense lucid dreaming. After that, I fell in a dreamless sleep until my final awakening.

What kind of conclusions would this lead to ? Why is it so awesome you ask ? It’s because this would imply that… we can reach a realistic, intense lucid dream state while awake. Moreover, this wouldn’t depend on your capacity to remain awake, but rather on how deep your previous meditation was. I also believe that with enough meditation training, one could just reach lucid dreaming instantly, just by switching to this altered mind consciousness and simply using this trick to reach a lucid dream.

Don’t be scared of my word “meditation”. It’s actually very simple : to reach an altered state of mind, you just have to count 300 of your breaths (breathing in and out count as one breathe each).

So actually, how did I enter these lucid-dreaming periods ? It’s not something very easy to explain, since it’s an internal process. I went to bed directly after my meditation, then I looked at these random patterns you usually see when you close your eyes. Slowly, they began to form mental images. And at this point, your altered state of mind somehow pushes you into the picture. You visualize them, then you’re inside only moments after, and every of your senses is ablaze. That step is only possible if you have achieved successfully your meditation.

I have a theory for that : when you reach this altered state of mind, you only reach it for a limited time. It kinda expires after some time. If you keep meditating when you reach this state, you can reach deeper levels of awareness, and it takes more time for the aftereffects to wear off. These levels probably give you additional abilities, but I don’t know enough about these to give a clear answer.

I hope I get to know even more after additionnal research !


~ by Merengil on March 29, 2013.

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