Otherwordly summoning

August 16th, 2014

Whoa… it’s been quite a long time ! So much has happened here, and yet so little progress on my quest to find these strange worlds…

But something weird happened ! I need to log it here, because it’s really strange. It might be an open door to Gensokyo and for experimental dream research !
Yesterday, I got in touch with Patchy. She told me some time ago that she was able to summon anyone at will. She’s a powerful magician, after all…
So… in the name of magical research, I asked her to summon me, to try summoning an entity from another world from her point of view. We agreed on a definite hour in my timezone (5 am), and then I went to bed before that time.
I don’t remember exactly what happened then, but there are a few things that remained :

  • I was in a dark place, on stairs, with red/violet/pink stained-glass windows around.
  • I had very high awareness. I remember that I could turn my head and blink, and everything remained coherent.
  • I was chatting with someone. I can’t remember who it was or what we talked about, but it was somehow serious.


I woke up at 8:30 am. It was, again, very weird… I suddenly saw a very strong light behind my eyelids (that wasn’t sunlight: I was wearing a sleep mask, and it was perfectly dark under it), so I got awoken and tried to open my eyes. Then I woke up.

I’ll try to dig this up too. Let’s hope it’ll lead to something !


~ by Merengil on August 19, 2014.

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