Layers of Dreams and the Void

May 10th, 2016

Gosh, it’s been so long since I last wrote here… A lot happened here, but not much on the dream scene. That might change soon though…

I have been thinking on the different kinds of dreams we had, and I made up a small theory that puts what we experience in dreams in layers (maybe I’ll explain how I made it in detail in another post).

According to my theory, there are 3 different layers in our dream perception:

  • Deep dreams: these are the useless dreams that we do everyday, made on-the-go by our subconscious as a sum up of our days.
  • Dreamscape structures: these are the recurring dream objects that we see in our dreams, and have a strong connection with us. They often are buildings or items that we often see in dreams and that hold a special importance in our mind.
  • The Void.


It would be easier for an external being to reach the outer layers.

What is the Void? Let me put here all the data I have gathered with a few skilled dreamer friends and myself.

  • It is a giant, seemingly endless place that has nothing. I personally see it as white empty space, but other friends see it as engulfed with either normal darkness or one that is the infinite sum of endless dots of colours.
  • The most obvious feature of the Void is its emptiness. There is nothing to see here. However, nothing prevents anyone from creating things here. Yet I have the feeling that they last a while there before disappearing…
  • The place is mostly seen between dreams, while switching from one to another – like a kind of transitionnal space between them. It is also very used by LDers as a starting point for a WILD – they imagine being in a place, then dreams usually appears, they enter one and work on rendering it more stable. As such, it is not exactly a dream, but more like the original state of something (our minds? dreamspace?) where dreams are created (and before their creation).
  • Dreamers are usually extremely aware when they remember being in that place (I am not too sure of that point though, it seems to be pretty rare for them to be there, so they wouldn’t be that much aware?).
  • Every unusual action that happened in my dreams involved that place – including meetings with other beings.

I can therefore put as an hypothesis that this place is the outer layer of our minds, more easily reachable than other layers. I will therefore try to send my shikigami to that void place, and let her wait for the dream owner to drop by there between dreams (an experiment has been set up already, we’ll wait for the results).



~ by Merengil on May 10, 2016.

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