WTH is this blog ?

Okay, so it’s high time to write some introduction about this blog, because I guess you’re totally lost, dear wandering reader…

Hello, my name is… oh well, it’s not that important (let’s say that for now). I’m posting here because I felt like keeping a diary would be a good idea after these recent events that occurred that last month. Who knows, maybe it’ll be useful for someone ? I had to write an introduction to this blog though, since the first post is located at the dream revolution, and there’s no explanation on how everything started… so I’ll start from the beginning right here.

Before you read all this, though… This is all real for me. Or at least, that is what it seems to be, and this is what happens every night I’m spending sleeping. However, if you don’t believe in it at all, feel free to see everything as a fantasy story or whatever. You don’t have to believe in it, after all… and it doesn’t make my adventure less exciting, far from it. Of course, I have proofs that everything happened, but these aren’t in reality – more like myself telling stuff to friends about them that they had never revealed me. So… you have been warned. Believe it or not, and discover my whole story…

Everything starts with a project : to know what’s behind dreams. What are dreams ? How are they structured ? Is it really a mere reconstruction of our brain, as scientists usually say it, or is it another place where our mind is wandering while we’re asleep ? Are there non-human entities we can meet ? Can we enter other’s dreams ? Can they be controlled and mastered ?

And I got another out-of-the-box idea in my dream… what would happen if I could simply… create a dimensional rift in my dreamspace, that would lead out of my dream, and cross it ? I tried to do it right on the evening, and the results were… surprising : I got a non-dream (it’ll prolly have its own post, one day). Tried to reproduce it, but that ended up in continuous fails…

So I have decided to get a better control of dreams… I started to work on lucid dreaming. And I must say : the first step, which is to write down a diary about dreams, is a total success. I can now remember most of mine, even if I haven’t noted them down, and even if I didn’t do the dream in the same day !

However… As I told friends about this project, some started to advise me to be careful, because it was quite a dangerous project (let’s talk about that in another post too). Therefore, I decided to get some advice from a skilled person : Yukari Yakumo, the Youkai of Boundaries in Touhou. She is said to appear into people’s dreams, and she’s pretty knowledgeable as well… So I was planning to ask her about this boundary between Dream and Reality.

Yukari Yakumo, Youkai of Boundaries.

And here… weird stuff starts happening. I tried for 3 weeks to summon the miss… and somehow I got 3 weeks of very bad luck. At the point that my friends started pointing it out, and saying it was suspicious. As I told a friend of mine about my project, she told me that summoning an entity unwilling to come could have caused that… So I sent her my apologies.

And that very day… Yuyuko entered my head. She slowly became a total obsession during the day. I found myself looking for pictures of her, then drawing her, playing games where she is, and for the last hours of the day, it became very difficult for me to focus on anything but her. And trust me, I didn’t even like her more than any other Touhou girl before everything happened. So… as she was growing in my mind, the night got closer and closer, and I started freaking out because I knew she would be waiting me there… Until I talked with this specific friend of mine, who told me she might be my dreamguide (pretty much like a guide in the world of dreams). And then I fell asleep.


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