Dreamworld diving

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May 27th 2012

I’m sorry. I haven’t been here for a long while. This time, though, I think I really have to write down what happened. But first, I have to tell you of everything that happened since february of this year (as the april post wasn’t very informative…).

I have stopped dreaming. There are several reasons for that :

  1. I’m unable to do it anymore…
  2. It’s not realistic enough…
  3. I have found alternate ways.

I have learnt to do something that I call diving. Basically, it’s switching between this world and the dreamworld, and I’m doing this awake. I wasn’t sure it was really efficient… until yesterday.

I told one of my friends (still the same one) that she should meet with Satori Komeiji, because of some personal trouble.

Of course, she didn’t know her before either, and never heard of her. I didn’t even mention her name to her once before to be honest (I’m not that much of a Satori fan). Some nights after, I saw her talking to Satori when I dived. I wanted to greet her, but they seemed to be in a deep talk, and I didn’t want to be a bother, so I left them in their conversation. Here’s what she said when I talked to her on the next morning.

Then she went into a more detailed account of what they did… She managed to find out what her special power is, and some other details (as you can see here).

If you even knew how happy this made me ! Diving really works for me, since I managed to see that two of my friends were in contact through a dream… I’m getting closer and closer of it ­čÖé And of course, it also proves that they exist… It’s just so amazing ^_^ It makes me so happy…

As for you, dear reader… if you don’t know much about the Komeiji family, there’s a very nice video that depicts it well.


(Eerie) recipe for a lemon tart

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April 1st, 2012

Today, I made a lemon tart, listening to some ghostly advice. So here’s the recipe. I don’t know if it’s the true one, but it was fairly enjoyable and very good (mine didn’t have enough lemon juice though).

Lemon tart (?)

Ingredients :

For the lower part :

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 glass of sugar
  • 1/2 glass of oil
  • 2 glasses of flour
  • between 1 and 1.5 glass of milk
  • some vanilla-flavoured sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • some butter (for the┬ámold)
For the topping :
  • 1 egg
  • 1 glass of milk
  • 1 glass of lemon juice / orange juice
  • 2 spoonful of flour
  • 1 glass of sugar

Instructions :

  1. Mix everything for the lower part of the tart.
  2. Spread some butter in a mold, then pour the mixture inside.
  3. Put everything in your oven at Th. 8 (220┬░C) for 15 min.
  4. Put the egg, flour and milk inside a recipient. Mix them well.
  5. When this is done, add the lemon juice, and mix again.
  6. Add the sugar and mix.
  7. Pour the result on the lower part of the tart, then put it again in the oven for 15 ~ 20 min.

Enjoy !

A visit at my friend’s dreamscape…

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Jan 14th 2012

A lot of wonderful stuff happened since the last time, but I’m having some trouble having lucid dreams lately…

Something so incredible happened yesterday, though… A friend of mine tried to summon Koishi, because I told her this strange Touhou character could help her. I just told her to think strongly that she wanted the being named “Koishi Komeji” to come, and to shout strongly her name to summon her. Note that she doesn’t know Touhou so she doesn’t know Koishi. No picture were shown yesterday or anything.

She did that.

Here’s a record of our talk the next day.

This is probably the greatest proof I’ve ever had so far…

Dealing with my subconscious…

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Oct. 11th 2011

Ceph’s Favour

A bit earlier today, Ceph asked me a favour… She wanted me to find whether a friend of her existed or not. She gave me his name and everything, so I asked the ghostly lady if she could do something about that. Yukari had no clues, but Yuyuko tried to summon it. She then started the ritual.

When it was finished… I still didn’t get any news from Yuyuko, so I decided to dive to make things clear.

As I arrived, Yuyuko hid behind me, because a scary guy arrived there. Very massive and muscular, he had short curly red hair, and little round glasses. And he didn’t seem to like Yuyuko. So I told her to teleport away, and we didn’t drop by my place for the night.┬áI have no idea at all who this guy was, but it was certainly not Ceph’s friend.

Koishi Komeji and my subconscious

When I went to bed last night, I was kinda upset because of my lack of lucid dreams lately. Instead of this, I kept having normal dreams (although┬áyesterday’s┬áwas pretty confusing to say the least). So… I decided to see the most competent person about people’s subconscious : Koishi Komeji.

Koishi Komeji.

With the help of Yuyuko, we arrived to Koishi’s place. The room was huge, and the walls were all colored in shades of red. Sitting on a simple white granite throne, Koishi was looking at her guests. Around her, two granite statues of a blue eye were constantly staring in the void.

I came to Koishi, and asked her to teach me how to control my subconscious. And here the lesson began.

First, she projected on a wall huge Rorschach ink blots, and I had to guess what these were. I guess that was to know my subconscious a tad bit better.

A Rorschach ink blot.

Then she… made appear some parts of my subconscious in my dreams… these creatures that can make you panic and go out of control… I saw them, but I can’t remember anything more from this dream.

A little snow-covered city…

Finally, Yuyuko and me went to that snowy landscape I saw some days ago… I turned back, and I saw Parsee waiting on a bridge. I chatted a bit with her, and finally headed towards the village.

All the streets were pretty animated, and it gave the feeling of a commercial district of an ancient japanese city. We stopped to a typical japanese restaurant (these where you just sit and are served), and I got to know the owner. Yuyuko really has a lot of food-related contacts !

A cake from the Netherworld…

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Nov. 26th 2011

It’s been a while since my last big post here… That’s mostly because I don’t need logging everything anymore. I remember it all. But I can tell you, a lot has happened, and my dream mastery has greatly improved. I met many friends, including Koishi Komeji, who can read and control people’s subconscious. Numerous extraordinary events have happened, and I shared a handful of incredible adventures with them all…

Koishi Komeji, master of the Subconscious

And last wednesday, everyone gathered at a party at Kasho for my birthday. Yuyuko even baked a cake for me ! We had some fun there, and I really was moved by all these persons who gathered here just to celebrate it with me…

Today, we celebrated this birthday at my family. Yet… something very strange happened. Something that entirely confirmed my perception of both worlds.

I asked Yuyuko for the recipe for her cake. And I got it. Without any external reference. I baked it, and everyone said it was delicious.

I know, this is not a real proof. I cannot objectively prove that I didn’t look for the recipe on the internet. I have already baked some cakes (even though it was more than 1 year ago, so I didn’t really remember the proportions, and that I had always used yoghurt instead of milk in my previous recipes, so this was totally new to me). It wasn’t anything like a complicated recipe for a cook, but I’m already bad enough to consider this a miracle.

Dear reader, I just leave this up to you. You can choose to believe me or not. After all, it is your choice. Simply… as for myself, I shall believe entirely in this world from now on. This was enough of a proof for me.

Caramel cake

My homemade version of Yuyuko’s cake. Of course, it wasn’t even near perfection… But it was just so good…

Ingredients (for 6 persons):

For the cake dough :

  • 4 eggs
  • 6 glasses of flour
  • Vanilla-flavoured sugar
  • 2 glasses of sugar
  • 3 glasses of milk
  • One glass of oil
  • Baking powder
  • One spoonful of lemon juice
For the caramel :
  • A pile of sugar
  • A big spoonful of butter
  • A pinch of salt

For the dough, just put everything in a mixer. Put the mixed result in a tin, and cook it at 210┬░C for 35 ~ 40 min.

For the caramel : cook all the sugar at medium heat. Add some water. And when everything is starting to melt, add the chunk of butter. When everything is not too liquid, but not solid either, add the salt. Put everything at low heat while the cake is in the oven.

When the cake itself is ready, cut it horizontally in two, and insert inside of it the warm melted caramel. Enjoy while it’s still warm !

A flooded supermarket

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Nov. 23rd 2011

This time, I dreamt that I was at a supermarket. I was eating some fast food, since people couldn’t go out of here because of a giant flood that happened in the whole surrounding area. Water easily reached an adult’s knees…

There was probably something about a train going wildly through the countryside, but I don’t remember much about that…

Let’s hope next night’s dream will be more interesting !

My recent lack of dreams…

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Nov. 22nd 2011

Lately, I haven’t got many lucid dreams… All of them were simple, normal dreams. I’m starting to forget them as well…

Therefore, I’ll start using this place to remember my normal dreams as well as my lucid ones, so that I can improve my mastery of lucid dreaming.