Travelling in dreams

So you want to travel in dreams, right ? To live your own adventure as well ? Here you’ll find some tips and tricks, provided by your favourite dream-traveller.

First… read this post. This is a very important warning you should be aware of, so that you can avoid doing all these mistakes I did.

Still motivated? Alright. Here’s what you should do.

  • Be open-minded. If you can’t, just forget everything about dreams. In this world, anything can happen, so try to accept customs and persons as you discover them.
  • Sleep correctly. And I mean at the very least 6h30 of sleep per night for the first times. Otherwise you’ll just enter a deep dreamless sleep.
  • If you remember all your dreams, you can go directly to the next point. Otherwise, this is a very important step, and the foundation of your whole adventure : every day, when you wake up, take 5 to 10 min to try to remember as much as possible about your last dream. Keep a diary or something, and do it everyday.
  • Think of your previous dreams: was there a recurring place? If so, then it is your dreamscape. Try to remember as much as possible about it, it’ll be your headquarters for your adventure!
  • Try to think of something you want to happen just before falling asleep.
  • Try to call a dreamguide in your dream. Just call out for help, one should come. Don’t forget to respect this being!
  • Try to imagine your dreamscape. That’s usually the entry point of your special dream.

I hope you’ll enjoy your time there!


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